White Glock | U.L.O. [juːˈniːk] [liːks] [aʊt]

White Glock | U.L.O. [juːˈniːk] [liːks] [aʊt]


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For White Glock´s new album „U.L.O. [juːˈniːk] [liːks] [aʊt]“ Anthony Mills provides some deeper and personal insight from life in the US and Scandinavia. Influenced by the experience of growing up in Akron, Ohio, the message of „U.L.O“ proves to be increasingly relevant. In this context Mills’ technique correlates with the album’s theme by disguising brutal honesty in a gumbo rap style. Simultaneously Clefco’s design of organic beats complements their artistic synthesis. Based on his tang of modulating samples, the Viennese producer brings Anthony’s subtext to life. His method of building arrangements of synths aswell as making use of instrumental scores resonates with Anthony’s approach of re-thinking the genre of rap/hip hop itself.